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Old Wilson Place
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A 3x3x3 designed to resemble a haunted house.

"The old Wilson place? Stay away from there, I tell ya! Listen up, he was on a quest to build the ultimate puzzle, a perfect synthesis of engineering and spirit. He used all his skill, sure, but folks say some dark force was whispering ancient secrets in his ear. He built his puzzle alright, and it was true perfection, a marvel to behold. The cube emanated unfathomable power, and in his excitement, he foolishly decided to scramble it. The perfect seal was broken, and the puzzle imploded as it tore the fabric of reality, opening a gateway to the netherworld. Wilson hasn't been seen since, but some say that you can still hear his old belt sander buzzing through the night as he makes his puzzles...for the dead"
So much for the story behind this variant.

Inverted house cube was designed by Nathan Wilson. The base puzzle here is a piece swap with a 3x3x3 and a Fisher cube. The inventor trimmed some pieces to give the roof a nicer shape and painted the puzzle.

In 2019 it was mass-produced by Calvin's Puzzle in black and white plastic, but with normal colored stickers.



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