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Other Shapes: Heads & Objects
1x2x3 Christmas TreeA 1x2x3 puzzle in the shape of a Christmas tree.
1x3x3 MammothA 1x3x3 with printed extension giving it the shape of an elephant.
1x3x3 MouseA 1x3x3 with printed extension giving it the shape of a mouse. It has two additional trivial pieces.

2x2x2 Dino cubeA pun which makes fun of the original Dino cube. This modification uses 3D-printed parts glued on a mini 2x2x2.
2x2x2 Ghostly Ghost cubeA 2x2x2 in shape of a ghost made for Halloween 2017.
2x2x2 Green MushroomA simple cube for all lovers of the video game "Mario Bros".

2x2x2 HeartA Valentine's Day present the creator made for his girlfriend.
2x2x3 Christmas StockingA 2x2x3 shaped like a Christmas Stocking.
2x2x4 Gingerbread ManA 2x2x4 portraying the namegiving christmas pastry

2x2x4 Tardis Bump CubeThe second 2x2x2 shaped like the famous phone booth from "Doctor Who". This sample was bumped.
2x3x3 Pacman GhostA 2x3x3 mimicing one of the ghosts from Pacman
3D Dino PuzzleA set of six dinosaurs reshaped around a 2x2x3.

3D Rubik's Cube BB-8A 2x2x2 resembling a prominent droid from the seventh Star Wars movie.
3D Rubik's Cube R2-D2Sixteen years after the prototype this puzzle went into mass production.
3x3x3 MonguiA 3x3x3 with 54 custom made mushrooms applied.

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