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10 PuckA Puck puzzle with 10 sections and pieces orientation.
14x14x14A mass produced cube of high order. Strangely it went to market after some cubes of even higher order were published.
15-4x4 HybridThe big brother of the Sliding 3x3x3

1x1x3 Pyra-BladeA 1x1x3 in shape of a rhombohedron
1x3x3x2The simplified cousin of Oskar van Deventer's Dumbbell Cube
1x3x8A fully functional cuboid.

1x3x9A fully functional cuboid.
1x5x7A pillowed cuboid with only one layer in one dimension.
2-Layer Penrose CubeA bandaged 5x5x5 with a shape modified like the Penrose Cube.

20 PuckA Puck puzzle with 20 sections
25 slide (5x5 Puzzle)Is a 25 puzzle made of wooden and 3D print tiles
2x2x2 ChainThree 2x2x2s connected but long bars which create external bandaging for the middle puzzle.

2x2x2 Tetrakis hexahedronA 2x2x2 customly transformed into the shape of the namegiving solid.
2x2x2 Transform Pyraminx LiuSeLingJing IIA variant of the pyramorphix plus a set of corner turns.
2x2x4 Barrel slideA SQ224 truncated into a cylinder.

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