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Diamond CuboidA Ghost 2x3x4. One out of a series of three.
Diamond of PainA 1-layered hexagonal dipyramid or an one layered Square-1 alternative. It can also swap bottom to the top and it has 6 colours.
Dino PlusA jumbling Dino Cube.

Distorted Bump MegaminxA bumped megaminx.
Dock OctA face turning octahedron that was so deeply truncated that only four sides can be turned.
DodoctahedronA face turning octahedron in shape of a dodecahedron. The cuts fit perfectly with the shape's edges.

Double towerTwo sets of 4 acrilic layers with 5 marbles each.
Double twist mirror cubeA heavily bandaged and truncated Bump Cube.
Dueling TetraA 3x3x3 in shape of a stellated tetrahedron.

DuplexAn intersecting circle puzzle, but with a twist!
Duplex 2Two intersecting circles of which one can be twisted.
Duplex 3Two circles of marbles that would not intersect if it weren't for the twist of the Duplex puzzles.

ELIA pentagonal antiprism with two layers.
Earth CuboctahedronA deep cut face turning cuboctahedron with sticker design of the earth globe.
Earth IcosahedronCorner turning icosahedron with sticker design of the earth globe.

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