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3x3x5 Fisher Rocket IA piece shuffle of a 3x3x5 and an octagonal prism with the same mechanism.
3x3x5 Fisher Rocket IIA piece shuffle of a 3x3x5 and Star with the same mechanism.
3x3x5 Fisher StarA 3x3x5 in shape of a Star Cube.

3x3x5 PillA proportional 3x3x5 modified into the shape of a pill.
3x5x7 bump cuboidA 3x5x7 bump cuboid (mirror blocks) made with 3D printed extensions.
3x6x6 (truncated)A fully functional cuboid made by hand through eliminating two layers from a 6x6x6.

3x7x11Extensions glued onto a cube an thereby bandaged into a cuboid.
3x7x7 (extended)A 3x7x7 cuboid, built with extension on pieces of a reduced 7x7x7.
4 Color TheoremA trivial puzzle inspired by 'Instant Insanity'. An upgraded 1x1x4.

4+4 corners cubeAn enhanced version of the "4 corners cube". A puzzle with 16 possible turns in two different sets.
4-Leaf-Clover CubeAn edge turning cube which closest relative is a more complex hybrid puzzle that came before it.
4x4 (Crossover)A rebuilt Crossover puzzle with a custom scheme on the tiles.

4x4x4 Diametric HexahedronAn asymmetric trigonal dipyramid with a 4x4x4 as the core.
4x4x6 Octagonal wall barrelA 4x4x6 in shape of an octagonal prism. Stickered after put in midturn state.
4x6x73D-printed extensions glued onto a 8x8x8.

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