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Snake 'N ShapeA version of Rubik's Snake in a strange cubic transparent package.
Snake CubeA low quality Rubik's Snake clone.
Snake Cube (Vic Tokai)Another variant of Rubik's snake. This one is from japan and came in a never seen before package in three sizes and several colours.

Snake Cube IIAnother version of unknown origin.
Snake Key ChainA clone Snake key chain, available in different colours.
Snake PenA small knock-offed version of Rubik's Snake in different colours.

Snake PuzzleA snake of japanese original in a highly unusual package, a kind of suitcase.
Snake Puzzle WatchA shorter version of Rubiks Snake surrounding a wrist watch.
SnakyThis snake-like puzzle functions similar to the Rubik's Maze.

South Park MagicA 4x2 Rubik's Magic featuring South Park characters.
Soviet Snake (Evpatoria)A soviet version of Rubiks Snake from Evpatoria.
Soviet Snake (unknown names)The soviet versions of Rubiks Snake for which no name is known.

Star Wars Magic - PolishStar Wars smaller Polish magic. About one half the size of the normal version.
Super Master Magic 'Magic Balls'The 16 panel variant in the Magic series of puzzles.
Super Master Magic (7 rings)Made from the Magic kits from

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