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Other Puzzles: Folding
Büvös NégyzetekRubik's Magic with four tiles and a theme based on anthropomorphic mice.
CLEO the snake puzzlePossibly another clone of Rubik's Snake. This time from Taiwan.
Chess Super Master MagicThis 16-panel magic puzzle is solved when you create a check mate position.

Chocolate RoundyA almost unknown variant of the Roundy with three wings, three pieces each and a hexagonal shape.
Colossal Master MagicA custom made Rubiks Magic with 32 tiles. Also known as "bat squad"

Combination SnakeA variant of Rubik's Snake of japanese origin.
Concave SnakeA Rubik's Snake with unusual concave pieces.
CraniumaniaA red & white version, alternatively named "Magic Snake Puzzle"

Create a Double CubeA brilliantly customized Master Magic by Tim Browne.
Crystal MagicA custom made 9-tiles-magics which uses stickers to illustrate its three solutions.
Culebra PilenPossibly another clone of Rubik's Snake. This time from Spain.

Das goldene TrillionenA single-coloured Snake from Taiwan for the german market.
Di-CubeA custom Magic with 12 tiles and two solutions.
Dinosaur RoundyFour wings, four colours. This version depicts a dinosaur.

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