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Other Puzzles: Folding
Magic Rings PuzzleA cloned version of Rubiks' Magic of polish descent.
Magic Shape MakerA low-quality Rubik's Snake clone.
Magic SmileA magic with 4 tiles depicting two playing cards (Queen and Jack of Hearts with unusual images) from the french deck.

Magic SnakeThe japnese version produced by Tsukuda Original in license of Politoys.
Magic Snake (Red&White with golden stickers)A version of Rubik's Snake with red and white pieces including shiny golden stickers.
Magic Snake (blue&white plus dots)A version of Rubik's Snake with white and blue pieces including large dots of the other colour.

Magic Snake PuzzlePossibly another clone of Rubik's Snake. This time from Japan.
Magic StripA custommade Rubiks Magic with a closed loop and only a single side. This suceeds the Magic Line and has 24 tiles instead of 8.
Magic Throne of GodsOne sample of a magic-myth-puzzle which is a RubiksMagic with an odd number of tiles. This one has 5 tiles.

Magic Ultimaze (Magic Maze 4)A 6-tiles-Magic which combines Rubiks Daze and Magic Craze. It hast four solutions.
Magic World CupA 6-tiles-Magic with two solutions, both with a theme based on (association) football.
Magic of MusicA Rubiks Magic with a quote of Victor Hugo for the first solved state and a fitting symbol for the second one.

Magicube FusionA Rubiks Cube glued together with a Rubiks Magic.
Malev Rubik's Magic IMalev Hungarian Airlines Rubik's Magic.
Malev Rubik's Magic IIMalev Hungarian Airlines Rubik's Magic.

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