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Ultraman CubeA cube probably depicting Ultraman and other characters from the franchise.
Unequal Fisher CubeA fully bumped Fisher Cube.

Unequal WindmillA Windmill Cube bumped on all three axes.
Union JackA 3x3x3 covered with the pattern of the Union Jack in six different strange colour variants.
Unique-1A truncated and extended 3x3x3. The cuts are placed arbitrary by purpose.

Unique-2A truncated and extended 3x3x3 without any kind of symmetry or regularity.
Uniroyal CubeThis Uniroyal cube only has markings on one side.

Unknown Cat Playing SoccerDepicting an unknown cat character playing soccer.
Unknown Dog Character IAnother 3x3x3 with mysterious cartoon dog character.
Unknown Dog Character IIAnother mysterious cartoon dog. The art on this one looks a little Japanese.

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