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3x3x3 DeslumbranteThis 3x3x3 has no stickers but resin pieces, which dazzle according to the orientation of the light.
3x3x3 Diana SuaveThis 3x3x3 has soft felt stickers. I have designed a pattern so that when looking at three faces attached to the same corner, it looks like it is a bullseye.
3x3x3 DiscoA 3x3x3 with glued pieces imitating various types of musical supports. From 45 rpm vinyls, to DVDs, through LPs, CDs ...

3x3x3 DNA CubeThe 3x3x3 DNA cube combines the concepts of the One Plane Bump Cube and Eitan's Twist.
3x3x3 DonuteroThis 3x3x3 has not stickers but glued resin pieces with pictures of coloured donuts.
3x3x3 Double Barrel ShotgunA shape transformation of a Siamese 6.

3x3x3 Dragon3x3x3 customly covered with dragon scales.
3x3x3 Efecto MariposaThis 3x3x3 has glued resin pieces instead of stickers, with butterfly motifs.
3x3x3 EmbaldosadoThis 3x3x3 has resin tiles glued instead of stickers

3x3x3 EmpanadoA 3x3x3 with one of the strangest possible "tiles".
3x3x3 EnpiramidadoA 3x3x3 with resin pyramids glued on each piece.
3x3x3 EntramadoThis 3x3x3 has a pattern, with a good plot.

3x3x3 EntrelazadoA 3x3x3 with a custom sticker scheme showing interlocking ribbons in 9 colours.
3x3x3 ErizoOnto this spherical 3x3x3 resin pieces were glued on to make it look like a pencil sea urchin.
3x3x3 Espejado3x3x3 with pieces of coloured methacrylate mirrors cut by hand and glued.

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