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Unknown Japanese CubeA 3x3x3 of japanese origin, presumably from the original cube craze.
Unknown Japanese Cube IIAn unknown cube of japanese origin.
Unknown Swimming CharacterDepicting a scuba diving character of some sort.

Unproportional CubeMechanical engineering exercise to defy seemingly obvious rules of puzzle making.

UVAHAA new interpretation of the I-Cube.
V-Cube - Art Emotions - Van GoghPicture cube featuring artwork by Vincent Van Gogh.
V-Cube 3The 3x3x3 by Verdes Innovations

Valentine CubeA contour cut cube revealing a pattern of four hearts on each face.
Valentine's Heart CubeA 3x3x3 in shape of a heart.
Valk Power M (LE)A limited edition red version of the Valk Power M.

Vasarely cube A Ghost cube designed to be an optical illusion.
Vending Machine 3x3x3A micro 3x3x3 from a vending machine.
Vertigo 3x3x3A half truncated cube where the fourth cut was made as deep as in the Mystruncated cube.

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