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Puzzle Related: Books
Solve That Crazy Mixed-Up Cube And......and the new puzzles too.
Solving the CubeThe simple step-by-step method that you can easily understand

Solving the magic PyramidA book about the Pyraminx from the original cube craze

Spektrum der WissenschaftNot a book but a journal which features the cube on its title.

System zum Ordnen des ungarischen ZauberwürfelsHandmade book from former east germany.
System Zum Ordnen Für Das DodekaederPublished in east germany.

Tajne RubikoveCudesne Kocka
15 Sistema
Njenog Sredivanja
Tangente - L'aventure mathématiqueDu nouveau dans la famille Rubik's
Coxeter, l'homme qui sauva la géométrie
Ten billion magazineA magazine from the early 1980s.

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