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Puzzle Related: Books
Max versus the cubeA max the mouse book
Picture book studio

Meffert's Challenge - Prof. CubeGuide book sold with the 5x5x5 by Mefferts
Meffert's Challenge - PyraminxGuide book sold with the Pyraminx by Mefferts
Meffert's Challenge - Skewb CubeGuide book sold with the Skewb by Mefferts

Meffert's Challenge - TetraminxGuide book sold with the Tetraminx by Mefferts
Mefferts 1982 CatalogueIncludes a number of puzzles that were never produced.
Megaminx (book)The elementary strategy, with two types of operations only.

Mickey's ChallengePromo comic booklet for Mickey's Challenge.
Mickey's Challenge Guide bookSolution booklet sold together with the spherical skewb

Not Another Cube Book (Ballantine)Dedicated to the notion of a cube-free world

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