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Puzzle Related: Books
El cubo MágicoAsí resolverá usted el misterio del "Cubo de Rubik" Prólogo del Professor Ernö Rubik
Get Cubed!and make great Cube patterns
Gewinnen - Strategien für mathematische SpieleOne article of 9 pages: "Der ungarische Würfel - Büvös Kocka"

Gott'cha Rubik's CubeSimple Full Color Solution - Sure cube for the Cube (without [X+Y-Z² = Crazy])
GruppeteorieRubiks Terning Som Et Skoleeksempel Pa En Gruppe
Guida completa alla soluzione del cubo di RubikA cura dell'Associazione Italiana Giochi Intelligenti

HandbookA catalogue of manoeuvres with a foreword by Douglas A. Hofstadter. Never published.
Handbook Of Cubesethe language of the cube.

Handbook of cubic MathThe best book yet written - or likely to be written - on the wonders and the dark, unsolved mysteries of the cube.
Handbook Of Cubik MathBy all odds the best book yet written, or likely to be written, on the wonders and the dark unsolved mysteries of the cube - Martin Gardner

How to Own a Rubik’s Cube and Keep your SanityA practical solution ro Rubik's Cube

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