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Puzzle Related: Books
Magic Snake ShapesThe only book you need to have all the fun you can - with the new sensation from the inventor of Rubik's Cube.

Majitcheskijat KubIzdatelstvo Tekhnika
Making Rubik's MagicQuick tricks, super shapes, the problem solved

Master Rubik's CubeLe super cube à 16 facettes para côté.

Mastering Rubik's Cube (white)The solution to the 20th century's most amazing puzzle
Mastering Rubik's Cube (yellow)At last. The Solution. The 20th century's most perplexing puzzle made clear by a world-famous cube-master - Don Taylor

Mastering The Magic PyramidThe secrets of the pyramid unlocked.
Mathematical PuzzlesThe title is a direct translation from the russian original

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