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Hole in my Pocket
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Removing one corner and tiles from a Rubik 2x2x2 pocket cube creates a basic moving hole puzzle with 2x2x2 mechanism retained.

The Rubik 2x2x2 v2 cube has a ball and groove core. Removing the corner opposite the fixed corner creates a moving hole puzzle. Removing tiles from the fixed corner creates a symmetrical puzzle with three tiles per colour.
The design of the original puzzle core limits the freedom of piece moves into the hole depending upon their distance from the fixed corner:

1 step from the fixed corner: 2 pieces with 1 orientation;
2 steps from the fixed corner: 2 pieces with 1 orientation, 1 piece with 2 orientations;
3 steps from the fixed corner: 3 pieces with 2 orientations

The original 2x2x2 moves can also be used to move sets of cubes, especially near the fixed corner

This trivial puzzle was created accidently when exploring the mechanism of the current Rubik 2x2x2 v2. (Note that there is no longer a screw holding one of the quadrants in place so related puzzles such as the Rubik Orbit cannot be disassembled without causing damage). The inventor uses it as a coffee-table puzzle.

Related puzzles include the Polo Glider and Alex Black Hole (Oskar van Deventer from ideas by Alex Polonsky), both made with far more intention and complexity.



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