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Moving: Hole
100-puzzleA (much) bigger version of the famous 15-puzzle customly printed.
100$ MugA mug with a puzzle in the style of a 15-puzzle. This one depicts a 100-USD bill.
15 SlideA fifteen puzzle that is solved by shape. It resembles a twistypuzzle.

15 Slide PyramidA fifteen puzzle that is solved by shape. It resembles a mayan pyramid.
150 Slide puzzleBig slide puzzle whit 150 tiles
169 Puzzle (13x13) SlideGigantic version of Lloyd's slide puzzle.

25 slide (5x5 Puzzle)Is a 25 puzzle made of wooden and 3D print tiles
2x2x4 Sliding BlockA sliding block puzzle with an unusual size.
3 Level PuzzleSliding piece puzzle that is harder than you might think.

3x6 CanAnother variant of Varikon with three layers and six columns.
49 puzzle (7x7 slide)Not a 15-puzzle but a 49-puzzle. Custom made.
4x4x4 Sokoban Game CubePeter's Black Hole remade in larger size.

64 Puzzle (8x8) slideFour of the wellknown fifteen-puzzles combined into a single bigger puzzle.
7-Color Magic Puzzle (aka Massage Ball)Six rings of pieces and one moving hole on a puzzle that claims to be a massage ball.
7-Color Magic Puzzle FT-117With varying numbers of dots. Could be called "Massage Ball for the Blind".

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