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Six circles which allow turns of 180.

Alpha Aquarii (? Aquarii, abbreviated Alpha Aqr, ? Aqr), officially named Sadalmelik /?sd?l?m?l?k/, is a star in the constellation of Aquarius. The apparent visual magnitude of 2.94 makes this the second-brightest star in Aquarius. Based upon parallax measurements made during the Hipparcos mission, it is located at a distance of roughly 520 light-years (160 parsecs) from the Sun.
It forms the primary or 'A' component of a double star designated WDS J22058-0019
It bore the traditional name Sadalmelik, which derived from an Arabic expression ??? ????? (sad al-malik), meaning "Luck of the king".
With an age of 53 million years, Alpha Aquarii has evolved into a supergiant with a stellar classification of G2 Ib. It has 6.5 times as much mass as the Sun and has expanded to around 77 times the Sun's radius. It is radiating 3,000 times as much luminosity as the Sun from its outer atmosphere at an effective temperature of 5,210 K. At this heat, the star glows with the yellow hue of a G-type star. Examination of this star with the Chandra X-ray Observatory shows it to be significantly X-ray deficient compared to G-type main sequence stars. This deficit is a common feature of early G-type giant stars.



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