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Royal SkewbA corner turning hexahedron with four cuts per axis. Despite the other puzzles with these properties the cuts are placed closer to the core.
Rudik's CubeA corner turning pentagonal antiprism or a restricted face turning dodecahedron in shape of a pentagonal antiprism.
Rusty TowerA remake of the Babylon tower but with bandaged grooves.

ScaliumShape-mod of a Triamond
Scrambleable CubeA 3x3x3 restricted to sequences of face turn+slice-turn+face turn.
Screw 2x2x2Screw 2x2x2 is a simplified version of the Screw Cube

Screw CubeA 2x2x3 in cubic shape enhanced with threads to become a way more complex puzzle
Screw HexThe principle of the Screw 2x2x2 applied to a hexagonal prism.
Septic TwistFour layers in shapes of heptagons can be turned without jumbling and fudging.

Seven Cube (7 mm)This cube improved the personal record set up by its inventor four years before.
Shallow DiamondTwo face turning cubes fused into one axis system.
Shallow Diamond (fudged)The fudged version of Shallow Diamond

Shallow Mixup deltoidal icositetrahedronThe Shallow Mixup Cube in shape of a deltoidal icositetrahedron is fudged to remove all bandaging.
Shallow Octagonal PrismA shallower cut Octaprism. The different cutting depth unveils the faces and edge pieces.
Shallower MadnessA triangular dipyramid with a slice pattern matching the Deeper Madness puzzle by Oskar van Deventer. However, the puzzle is shallow-cut, rather than deeper-than-origin-cut.

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