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3x3x6The first fully functional 3x3x6. Later mass produced in two versions.
3x3x6 (rectangular pieces)A built-up of the 3x3x4 (Circle) of the same inventor and producer.
3x3x6 Brick BarrelA 3x3x6 Cuboid transformed into the shape of an octagonal prism.

3x3x6 II Cuboid CubeA 3x3x6 with a core off-centered by one cubie.
3x3x7The first 3x3x7 cuboid.
3x3x7 (center-shifted)A 3x3x7 with a core off-centered by half a cubie.

3x3x7 BallA mass produced 3x3x7 truncated into the shape of a sphere.
3x3x7 CylinderA mass produced 3x3x7 transformed into a cylinder.
3x3x7 MastermorphixAn industrial made 3x3x7 transformed into a tetrahedron.

3x3x8A 3x3x8, first a handmade puzzle, nine years later mass produced.
3x3x9A fully functional 3x3x9 cuboid.
3x3x9 Axis CubeAn "axis"ed version of the cubic 3x3x9.

3x3x9 BallA mass produced 3x3x9 truncated into the shape of a sphere.
3x3x9 BarrelA 3x3x9 II truncated into cylindrical shape.
6.5 Axis CubeA mixture of cubic 3x3x5 and cubic 3x3x7 turned into a pattern and modified back into cubic shape.

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