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Pyraminx Crystal
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Essentially a deeper cut megaminx at heart, the Pyraminx crystal adds a new twist to the classic puzzle.

Originally pictured in the 1982 catalogue, "PYRAMINX" by Uwe Meffert. Uwe has claimed that this item only ever existed as a cardboard mockup, which was true for about 23 years.

The patent number given here steems from a patent granted to Uwe Lindemeier in 1987.

In 2005 Mr. Okamoto built the 'Mega Crystal' based on the Megaminx core which was the first realization of the Pyraminx Crystal. Aleh Hladzilin created "Alehs Brilic" in 2006 independently.

In 2008, using Aleh's design, Uwe Meffert has put this puzzle into production. The Pyraminx Crystal was produced in black and white plastic for the core, tiles (no stickers), and is currently (as of March 2009) sold out.
In 2011 Meffert's re-released the puzzle under the name New Improved Pyraminx Crystal.

Price Tracking Data

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Sale Date Price (USD) Sale Type Condition Package Condition Notes Contributors Edit
May 20 2009 $80.00 eBay Auction Mint Sealed None Unknown
Jan 15 2006 $630.00 eBay Auction Excellent N/A Handmade original Darren Grewe
Dec 2 2006 $1025.00 eBay Auction Excellent N/A Handmade Original Darren Grewe, Darren Grewe
Feb 14 2009 $122.50 eBay Auction Excellent N/A Meffert's ejisfun



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