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1x2x2It is not a boob cube but a boob can solve this one too.
25th Anniversary PyraminxA new version of the Pyraminx produced to commemorate the 25th anniversery of the original Pyraminx.
2x2x2 Anti CubeA 2x2x2 with one inverted corner.

3-layer puck3 pucks stacked upon each other to form a new 3-layered puzzle.
4x4x4 CylinderA 4x4x4 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.
4x4x4 Fisher cubeA fishered 4x4x4.

5 Layer Star PrismA custom made star prism with five layers.
512MB Memory CubeHandmade variant described as "The first cube with memory".
5x5x5 CylinderAn Eastsheen 5x5x5 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.

6 Tile "Create the Cube" MagicA custom made magic with 6 tiles which implements the "Create the Cube"-theme known for a 8- and a 12-tiles Magic.
All Gold Golden CubeThe Golden Cube without stickers but with uniformly colored pieces. Came with a variety of colors.
BabyfaceA 4x4x4 reduced to its face pieces.

Bizarre BandageA 3x3x3 with a new type of bandaging. Two pairs of edges are connected.
Bump 27A 2x2x2 with three layers of cubies glued on.

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