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Twelve-Sided: Dodecahedron
24 DodecahedronA Little Chop with extensions to transform it into the shape of a dodecahedron.
2x2x2 bump minxA bumped dodecahedral 2x2x2
30 Colour Petaminx30 Coloured petaminx

4x4x4 DodecahedronA 4x4x4 in shape of a dodecahedron.
5x5x5 DodecahedronA V-Cube 5 truncated and extended into a dodecahedron.
Aleh's DodecahedronA 3x3x3 in dodecahedral shape and stuck in a midturn.

Aleh's MinxA variant of the megaminx in the tradition of the Bermudaminx.
ArleminxA hybrid puzzles which combines two seemingly incompatible puzzles.
Atomicahedron (aka Void Master Pentultimate)A Master Pentultimate with holes in the face pieces and without core.

Axis DodecahedronA dodecahedron 3x3x3 "axised" within its solid.
AxisminxA megaminx rotated inside its solid by 60°
Bandaged Megaminx (12 colours)A megaminx bandaged to resemble the pattern of Mefferts bandaged cube.

Bandaged Megaminx (6 colours)A bandaged megaminx with a stickering scheme specifically designed for it.
Bermuda Megaminx - EarthThe Earth version of MF8's Bermuda Megaminx series.
Bermuda Megaminx - JupiterThe Jupiter version of MF8's Bermuda Megaminx series.

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