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Ben Streeter
Alpha CubePretends to be an Axis Cube but is a prism with four layers.
Basic GemA truncated triangular dipyramid with three fourfold and three twofold rotations.
BehemothTwelve deep cuts form a deep cut Deltoidal Icositetrahedron. A jumbling only puzzle.

Binary DeepThe enabler Cube with another restriction. Only two faces are turnable at any given time.
Binary Fused CubeThe Fused Cube with another restriction. As a result only two faces are turnable at any given time.
Capture Dino CubeA bandaged version of the Rapture Dino Cube.

DOGIC UltimateThe deeper cuts of a dogic combined with the cuts of a Icosamate. A corner turning icosahedron with four layers.
Gear Cube IIAn enhanced version of the Gear Cube with gears in the corners and more types of moves.
Gemstone IA jumbling only axis system that seems to be a face turning hexagonal dipyramid.

Gemstone IIA jumbling only axis system that seems to be a deepcut face turning octagonal dipyramid.
HAT-ZOHA 7x7x7 bandaged to behave very similar to a half turn cube but with a slight difference.
Imaginary CubeA combination of Enabler Cube and Crazy 3x3x3. I works like a subset of the Complex 3x3x3.

Junior GemInspired by Dayan Gem VI this puzzle applies the same concept to a simpler geometry. It allows turns of 60 on some faces but is not fudged.
Master BrillimateA face turning dodecahedron with 4 cuts per axis. The cuts are placed like the Pyraminx Crystal (Brilic) and the Master Pentultimate.
Master KilohexaminxA Master Kilominx CADed into the shape of a cube.

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