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Holey Skewb XtremeA Holey Skewb truncated like a Skewb Xtreme. Went into mass production.
Holey TetrahedronA holey variant of Jing's Pyraminx.
Icosa-4A 4x4x4 in shape of an icosahedron.

Impossible TwistA deeper-than-origin puzzle inspired by the impossible dovetail object.
Incognito CubeThis puzzle pretends to be a 4x5x5 but turns on an off centre axis.
Incomprehensible CubeA physical implementation of (UD', L, Ls, Fs). A 3x3x3 with a coupled pair of edges and two opposing sides coupled.

Indicator Cube 4: The ATVA 4x4x4 with 24 gears inside the edge pieces.
Irreversible Cube A puzzle that is scrambled by just one move.
Jumble DiamondA unique, near-jumbling-only twisty puzzle with a previously non-specified geometry.

Jumble PebbleA jumbling only puzzle with a strange yet unnamed geometry. It resembles the jumble rock.
Jumble RockA jumbling puzzle built around an unusual, currently unnamed shape.
KaleidoscopeA moveable plunger intersecting with a rotating circle.

Krystian's SkewbA true Mixup Skewb. The slice layers allow moves in steps of 40°.
L-Cube HybridThe L-Cube from Calvins Cuboid series with circles on two sides.
Little PigA completely 3D-printed pig with an 3x3x3 on the inside.

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