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Tony Fisher's 5x5x5 Picture CubeA 5x5x5 made by Tony Fisher, named after Tony Fisher and depicting some works of Tony Fisher.
Tri-PumpkinA piece shuffle from two Skewb Curvy Rhombohedron.
Triamese 5x5x5 135Three 5x5x5s fused into a single puzzle. In this case the joint block has a size of 1x3x5.

Triamese Skewb DiamondThree Skewb Diamonds fused together.
Trio Cube HybridThe Trio Cube from Calvins Cuboid series with circles on two sides.
TriserpentixA megaminx with eight rounded sides.

Truncated Pillowed HexaminxA mass produced Hexaminx with all eight corners truncated.
Tunnel CubeThe Handlebar Cube implemented differently. It allows more moves than the predecessor.
Twist and Slide 4x4x4A puzzle combining a 2x2x2 with a Sliding-4x4x4 which therefore lacks one cubies.

Twist ApartA variant of Turn Apart. A 2x2x2 behaving bandaged and with the objective to take it apart piece by piece.
Twistball - Special variantsSpecial variants (plural!) of the Twistball. Not parts of the standard catalogue.
Twisted 2x2x3A 2x2x3 with a curved shaped.

Twisted Assembly PuzzleThree 2x2x2s each with additional cubies glued on. In their "solved state" the three puzzles can be assembled into a cuboid.
Twisted CornersA half truncated cube with four protruding corners.
Two Layer Super Square One Triangular PrismA Super Square-1 reduced to two layers and afterwards transformed into the shape of triangular prism.

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