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Minka 3x3x3An elipsoidal 3x3x3 with pieces of a GDR toy glued on it.
MirrormorphixA Mirror Blocks transformed like a Reuleaux tetrahedron.
Mixup 3x3x4A 3x3x4 that allows additional mixup turn.

Mixup 3x4x4A 3x4x4 that allows additional mixup turn.
Mixup 4x4x4A 4x4x4 that allows additional mixup turn.
Mixup KitesA Mixup Cube shape transformed into a deltoidal icositetrahedron which is a catalan solid.

MorphminxA megaminx twisted by 90° around an edge inside its solid.
Non-trivial PyraminxA Pyraminx with the four tips connected to make them nontrivial.
NonaphobicAn 9x9x9 Mastermorphix. An 9x9x9 transformed into the shape of a Reuleaux tetrahedron.

OctaStar IIThe successor of the 24-Octahedron. A hybrid puzzle that adds faceturning abilities to the Little Chop.
Octo-StarA face-turning cube, capable of 45 degree turns in some circumstances.
Offset CubeA cubic 2x2x7 with a twist that allows the pieces to be exchanged between the layers.

Open Twist BallA Twist Ball truncated to become an "open" puzzle.
Oskar's Danger CubeAn extension of the Caution Cube or Geared Mixup concepts - this time with more types of moves possible.
PenguinA puzzle with mechanism of UFO and the shape of a penguin.

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