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3x5x5 Edge Breaker Christmas Cube-OctahedronA bandaged truncated cube covered with christmas motifs.
3x5x5 TabletThis is 5x5x5 reduced by two layers and afterwards transformed into the shape of a cylinder.
4x4x5 (bandaged 5x5x5)5x5x5 with two cuts completely "deleted" by bandaging.

4x5x5 (bandaged 5x5x5)5x5x5 with one cut completely "deleted" by bandaging.
4x5x5 CamouflageThis 5x5x5 has resin dice glued on multiple sides to make it look like a 4x5x5.
5x5x5 2 Solutions Mirror BlocksA sticker variant of a 5x5x5 Mirror Block puzzle which leads into a puzzle with two solutions.

5x5x5 AbanderadoBy exchanging pieces from 4 corners, and from 18 central edges of the same cube, this pattern of flags with 5 stripes is achieved.
5x5x5 Ball (Mini)An Eastsheen 4x4x4 truncated and transformed into a sphere.
5x5x5 Corner Block CubeA 5x5x5 bandaged similar to the AI Cube.

5x5x5 CylinderAn Eastsheen 5x5x5 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.
5x5x5 Diamond CubeA 5x5x5 truncated into a hexagonal dipyramid and then further truncated.
5x5x5 Dodecagonal BipyramidA 5x5x5 in shape of the namegiving solid.

5x5x5 DodecahedronA V-Cube 5 truncated and extended into a dodecahedron.
5x5x5 Double Axis CubeA higher order version of the original Double Axis cube.
5x5x5 EggA 5x5x5 modified into the shape of an egg.

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