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Pineapple Cube (5x5x5)A byproduct that was born from the mass produced version of the "Ball in a cube".
Pioneer 11 A hexagonal dipyramid 5x5x5 truncated on both tips.
Pocket ChangeAn Eastsheen 5x5x5 bandaged and stickered to make it look like a Pocket Cube.

Pocket ChangedA Pocket change cube bandaged to resemble an AI Cube.
Pokeball 5x5x5A spherical 5x5x5 painted to resemble the namegiving ball from the Pokemon franchise.
Prof. Cube 2018Another 5x5x5 produced without stickers but a black rim.

Professor Axis CubeAn "axised" Eastsheen 5x5x5.
Professor BiconeA bicone made from a 5x5x5.
Professor BiCubeSimilar bandaging as the BiCube applied to a 5x5x5.

Professor Cube (grooved tiles)Meffert's 1998 tiled version.
Professor Cube (no white side)Professor Cube. Invented by Udo Krell. This one has no white side. Produced in Hong Kong.

Professor Cube (Tsukuda)Version by Tsukuda.
Professor CuboctahedronA 5x5x5 truncated into a cuboctahedron.
Professor Cuboctahedron WindmillA Professor Windmill truncated into the shape of cuboctahedron which is an archimedean solid.

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