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5x5x5 X-cubeThe 5x5x5-variant of the X-Cube
AI Assimetric 5x5x5A bandaged 5x5x5 inspired by the AI Cube.
Babyface PlusBasically a 5x5x5 without corners, edges and wings. The outer layers can move independently.

Bandaged 5x5x5 (2x3x4)A 5x5x5 with a straightforward bandaging pattern which makes the cube not behaving bandaged.
Bandaged 5x5x5 Haft-AurumQ IA 5x5x5 bandaged with an irregular pattern.
Bandaged Inside 5x5x5A 5x5x5 where corners are bandaged to the inner edges.

Barrel 16A cylindrical 5x5x5 with a sticker scheme based on numbers.
Big Block 5x5x5A 5x5x5 with one big block of size 2x2x5. It is equivalent to the older Siamese 20 (2x2x5).
Big Block 5x5x5 IIThe "Fused 5x5x5 Cube" reimplemented as a bandaged cube.

Bihedron 5x5x5A 5x5x5 that was bandaged and truncated so that only 4 turns remain.
BiN-5 Pocket CubeA modified version of the BiNCube 5, designed to be more difficult.
BiNCube 5The concept of the Bicube adapted to a 5x5x5

BiNCube 5 AdvancedA modified version of the Bicube adapted to a 5x5x5.
Brass 5x5x5The first functional 5x5x5 ever, although the inventor never patented it.
Bump ChangeThe bumped version of the recently presented Pocket Change.

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