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A doctrinaire puzzle with 4 axes and 7-fold rotations.

The Planetarium is a puzzle that has 4 axes of rotation, each with 7-fold rotations. These 4 axes of rotation intersect and produce pentagonal pieces. These turns can be combined to scramble the puzzle without any shapeshifting or bandaging.
The 4 heptagons are placed in a ring-like pattern. There are two sides like in image 2 each with two non-rotatable quadrilaterals.
The inventor considers it as a "higher" version of the Skyglobe by Timur Evbatyrov which is why the inventor chose the name Planetarium. Just like the Skyglobe, the Planetarium is slightly fudged. The geometry does not produce exact pentagons at the center of each face. The angles are only about 1 degree off though, so it is very slight. Even from close up the distortion is almost unnoticeable.

The inventor designed the Planetarium to fit into a series of "starminx"-like puzzles with n-fold rotation axes and pentagonal pieces. Puzzles in this series are listed below:
2-fold: Krystian's Twist, Starminx II, Tetragram
3-fold: Trapentrix
4-fold: Biaxe, Constellation Six
5-fold: Starminx, and the bandaged variant Triaxe
6-fold: Skyglobe
7-fold: Planetarium (this puzzle!)
8-fold: Gem-45
9-fold: None
10-fold: 10-10 Vision. Being planar, this marks the highest possible rotation order.
11-fold is not possible, thus the series stops.

Edge length: 23 mm (heptagons)



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