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Three circles on one line, each allowing 180 turns with a shallow intersections.

This is one of a series of three entries, collectively named "Rainbow Looper" by the inventor.
It is a series of 2D Puzzles made up of at least 3 intersecting circles in which you can only make 180 turns. The individual puzzle distinguish itself from each other by the number of circles and the depths of the intersections.

This entry is about the Looper. The inventor came up with it by seeing the pattern that the pieces of the Euclidean formed by making only 180 turns, but in this case he had to add a third circle so that the pieces could be mixed properly.
In this case there are only 3 types of parts:
- The triangles, which mark the turn of each circle and only change position in pairs (up and down).
- Some pieces in the shape of a double arrow or bone, which are the most basic piece that can be moved around the puzzle and each circle contains 2 of them.
- The petals, which are the final piece and in this case are divided into 2 orbits, those with an even position and those with an odd position.

The black dots are placed on the pieces to show their orientation. The outermost pieces (the triangles) are all white so they do not to give clues as to whether the circles are in their correct position or rotated 180 and about the order of colours.

The inventor uses the pseudonym "El Cubitero".
Printed in PETG plastic with an Ender 3
Thickness: 11 mm
Diameter (of circles): 52 mm



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