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A Chimera solid: half a Diogo's Crystal puzzle and half an Dual Diogo's Crystal puzzle.

This is the second of four models, presented by the same author, which are modifications related to the Hexapod geometry developed by Diogo Sousa.
Logically is a nine-(face/corner) turning solid.
Inspired in the Chimera series by Vladi Delimollov it serves as a tribute to the true creators of ideas Diogo Sousa, David Pitcher and Valid Delimollow.

Diogo's Crystal puzzle
Height: 78 mm
Edge length: 48 mm (rhombic edge)
Edge length: 20 mm (short edge)
Edge length: 37 mm (remaining edges)
Weight: 130 grams

Dual Diogo's Crystal puzzle
Height: 78 mm
Edge length: 55 mm (triangular base)
Weight: 130 grams



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