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Loki Star
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A puzzle that combines Starminx I and Starminx III but is subsequently bandaged down to three turns. Still doctrinaire.

Back in February 2018, Evgeny Grigoriev proposed a newly discovered set of Biaxe-like spheres. The inventor replied that he would try to design one the proposals which was named Penta Un35 back then. Well, after 3 years the result is the Loki Star. It turned out that it fits a simple platonic dodecahedron.
It has three rotation axes, one lets you turn one of the faces while two others (like in Heartrix, being completely independent from each other) allow turns around 2 corners.
Images 6-7 show the unstickered puzzle which reveals its true function. It can be viewed as Bygride-3-3-5 or as a heavily bandaged hybrid of a face turning dodecahedron (aka Starminx I) and corner turning dodecahedron (aka Starminx III). The bandaging leaves only three turns of the original 32.



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