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Melty B
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One out of a series of geometries with 6 axes but at 85 degrees to each other. This one has just one rotational symmetry.

Melty B is the second of a series of four Melted Cube designs proposed by Bram Cohen. Whereas the six axes in a regular Rubik's Cube are at 90 degrees, they are at 85 degrees in the Melted Cubes.
The six axes of Melty B can be described as follows: Take two axes and place them at 85 degrees. Place a third axis that is at 85 degrees with the first two. Then add a new axis at 85 degrees with the last-placed axis and the one before. Repeat the last procedure twice more.
Melty B has one 2-fold rotation symmetry and chirality.
Edge length: 52-73 mm
Weight: 224 grams



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