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Melty A
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One out of a series of geometries with 6 axes but at 85 degrees to each other. This one is symmetric like a corner piece of a regular 3x3x3.

Melty A is the first of a series of four Melted Cube designs proposed by Bram Cohen. Whereas the six axes in a regular Rubik's Cube are at 90 degrees, they are at 85 degrees in de Melted Cubes.
The six axes of Melty A can be described as follows. Take two axes and place them at 85 degrees. Place a third axis that is at 85 degrees with the first two. Then, for each pair of axes, place a new axis at 85 degrees with each axis of the pair. The result is an interesting puzzle, that can be fully scrambled according some definitions, but not according to other.
Melty A is symmetry with respect to a corner turn and three edge reflections.
Edge length: 50-74 mm
Weight: 224 grams



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