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Fisher Cube
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Taking the concept of the Rubik's cube and turning it 45 degrees.

This is one of the earliest shape variants of the 3x3x3. The edges and centre pieces are the same as those from a star cube variation and the corners like those from the standard octagon 3x3x3.
The puzzle received its name by Christoph Bandelow who ordered 50 samples from Tony back in the 1980s.
Later it became one of the most often remade custom puzzles. In 2009 a chinese company began mass producing this puzzle without permission of the inventor. Later a deal could be arranged which made these products legal.
Edge length: 57 mm
Weight: 88 grams

This puzzle is part of the series "Octgonal Edges". All modifications of this series are made by truncating an 3x3x3 on its edges. These truncations are symmetric as in the mass produced octagon from which the series takes its name.
The technical signature (Octagonal Edges Extended 28A00145000) indicates where to cut the original cube.
Without the keyword "Extended" it is a variant made only by truncating the original cube. With the word "Extended" some sides left over from the original receive additional extensions to "delete" some of these remaining faces.
The non-extended version is the wellknown octagon.

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Sale Date Price (USD) Sale Type Condition Package Condition Notes Contributors Edit
Jun 2 2002 $88.00 eBay Auction Good N/A None Sandy
Nov 15 2002 $58.57 eBay Auction Mint N/A Built by Mark Longridge. Sandy
Feb 4 2007 $202.52 eBay Auction Good Unknown Original 1982's Fisher Cube, built by Tony Fisher. Sold for GBP 103.00 ($202.52) on Thomas



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