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Krystian's Cube
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A 2x2x2 with a twist that defies all attempts of classifying.

Krystian Wilisowski came up with the concept. It is a 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube with a twist. If you turn a face by 45 degrees, then a new type of 180�-turn becomes available. One can see this puzzle as a three-dimensional variation to Krystian's Disk.
The strange new move is available only after a 45�-face turn. Then there are four possibilities for such moves. It does not change its shape even after such a move.
This puzzle reopened the debate about what a jumbling puzzle is. As of this writing there is no answer.

The puzzle has 219389118884743049285020752148732770357929017575455902214117130240000000000000 = 219*10^75 permutations if all pieces are considered distinguishable. Due to the limited number of moves it has a huge number of restrictions:
-The orientation of the eigth corner is determined by the other seven.
-The segments in the center of each face and the concave pieces must have the same parity.
-The corners and the convex pieces must have the same parity.
Stickered as shown here the puzzle has 2296030375631021562793671534960635781600062759623962132480000000000000 = 2.30*10^69

Edge length: 60 mm
Weight: 140 grams



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