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Halfturn subgroup bandaged Cubes
Above:Variants 1-9
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A set of eighteen bandaged cubes implementing subgroups with at least one restriction to halfturns.

These eighteen variants demonstrate subgroups of the 3x3x3.
The 3x3x3 knows a lot of subgroups and some of them can easily be defined by the possible twists. An example: (U,D,L,R,F,B) is the traditional 3x3x3 and (U,L,F) is the Fused Cube.
Another example would be the Floppy Cube which can be viewed as a subgroups restricted to halfturns: (L2, R2, F2, B2)

The bandaged cubes shown here all implement such subgroups. Some contain face-core-face-blocks which had to marked on the face stickers.
Some of these variants have more than one representation with respect to twistable sides and slices.
Four subgroups are missing here: The three groups representing the Floppy Cube and three subgroups of the Floppy Cube the inventor considered as trivial.

The variants (with their signature as bandaged cubes) are:
(Images 1-2; row by row; then left to right)
[U D F2 Fs] E113(2) 180600000 (aka Double Barbell Cube)
[U D L R2][U D F Fs2] E113+F113 C000060
[L F Ls2 Fs2] C113+F113 C000C00
[U D2 L R2] E113(2)+F113 18C000060
[U D L2 R2][U D F2 Fs2] E113(2)+F113 18C600000
[U D2 L2 R2][U2 D2 F Fs2] E113(3)+F113 18C600060
[L F2 Ls2 Fs2] C113+E113(2)+F113 18C600C00
[U2 L2 Ls Fs] C113(4) 300C0000000C03 (aka Quintamese Cube)
[U2 L2 Ls Fs2][U2 D2 F2 Fs] C113(4)+E113(2) 300C0180600C03
(Images 3-4; row by row; then left to right)
[U D2 L] E123+E113 B5A00108
[U D L2] E123+E113 F7A00000
[U L2] C223+E113 42000B5ADB5AD
[U F Fs2] C123+F113 202005AD
[U F2 Fs] C123+E113 42000000005AD
[U D2 L2] E123+E113(2) F7A00108
[U2 D2 L] E123+E113(2) 42000B5A00108
[U F2 Fs2] C123+E113+F113 42000202005AD
[U2 F Fs2] C123+E113(2)+F113 738005AD

The inventor built all these variants by hand over the course of ten years. He finished the process in 2012.

Variant 1 was subsequently mass produced as "Two Bar 3x3x3". See images 5-6.
Edge length: 58 mm
Weight: 114 grams



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