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Cube Twister
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Eight 3x3x3s connected into one massive puzzle with interconnected movement.

At first this construction looks like the older MoleCube but in Cube Twister the eight Rubik's Cubes are connected by rods and not by simply gluing the together. The eight corners of each cube are solidly connected, therefore each row or column of cubes tumbles as a whole. The motion of this puzzle was first suggested by Nouri Khalifa around 2009. Nouri's prototype was based on eight cubes with holes, and a stick to turn pairs of cubes. In 2010, Sigurd Wedel suggested a similar type of motion in a post at the Twisty Puzzles Forum. It was Mike Armbrust who first proposed a proper Rubik's style mechanism for this concept.

Solving the "Cube Twister" has indeed one similarity to the Molecube: After solving the first of the eight cubes it will not get totally scrambled again. For solving the adjacent cube one has to make sure the orientation of the bridged face-face-piece is kept as it is. That means a visible orientation to the face pieces is added.
Edge length: 30 mm (one cube)
Edge length: 69 mm
Weight: 138 grams



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