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5x5x5 with bandaged centers
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An unbandaged 5x5x5, the higher order cousins of Hidetoshi's Center bandaged 4x4x4.

There is obviously a huge number of different possible bandaged 5x5x5's. Many of these are duplicates of each other. Others are nonsense since they block so many moves that the puzzle gets equivalent to a bandaged 3x3x3. Of the remaining variants (still a number beyond the billions) ony a fraction is symmetric in some way and only FOUR variants have the degree of symmetry this variant has.
This variant is very similar to the "Center Bandaged 4x4x4" from Hidetoshi Takeji. Only two months after this variant the same creator presented another of the four highly symmetric variants, called "The Maze".
The variant as presented here is some kind of incomplete The three pieces which are ecased by the bandaged blocks can never be separated. These sets of three pieces behave as if they were glued together as well. Please refer to image 2 for this completed version.

In 2011 mass production of this variant was started. These variants are quite easy to build. All which has to be done is to take a 5x5x5 and glue the appropriate tiles on them. Nothing more has been done here.



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