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Decagonal prism Skewb - Extended Ultimate Skewb 1557FE0FFC00003FF07FEAA8000
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Another Ultimate Skewb with extensions. This time the result is a decagonal prism.

This puzzle is part of the series "Extended Ultimate Skewb". All modifications of this series are made by "deleting" some faces of the original puzzle. This is achieved by gluing on some extensions.
The technical signature (1557FE0FFC00003FF07FEAA8000) indicates on which sides extensions were glued on. Some additional extensions might be placed between the first set too. Whether this is done or not is decided without general rule.

The first variant of this series was the Pentagonal Trapezohedron with two extended and thereby "deleted" sides.
The decagonal prism is the inverted variant. In this case ten sides received extension. Only the top and bottom face of the dodecahedron received no extensions.
The extensions are massive which explains the weight.

Height: 78.7 mm (same as Ultimate Skewb)
Diameter: 90.5 mm (distance between two opposing edges of an Ultimate Skewb)
Weight: 522 grams



Thank you to the following people for their assistance in helping collect the information on this page: Blake Nors.


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