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Moving: Marbles
1000 billion BarrelA custom built bigger version of the ten billion with more layers, more columns and more knobs.
1x1x3 Burger CubeAn improved version of the Screwball. The top and down parts of the puzzle can be rotated independently.

3ringsThree intersecting rings that do not form circles.
American TrapA puzzle very similar to "Entrapment" aka "Magic Marble" but with four columns per layer.
Arancia MeccanicaA moving bead puzzle with seven colours of beads, and a base that resembles an orange.

AstrolabacusA unique ball puzzle. Sold in small quantities online.
Atomic Chaos (aka Kaos, aka Brain Drain)Scramble the beads from tubes of different lengths, then try to restore them to their proper homes.
Balled BallA combination of a 2x2x2 with three rings of thirteen marbles.

Balled Square-equalAn equally sized Square-1 withtwo rings of marbles at the top or bottom.
BananacusA smaller variant of Astrolabacus with six segments but with six channels of beads.
Beaded BallA spherical 2x2x2 with six rings of marbles. Unlike Vergo's Cube the rings are place closer to the centre.

Black Magic BarrelA ten billion Barrel with two marbles replaced by a doublesized piece.
BoobyA korean clone of the Top Spin.
BramlabacusAn improved version of Rainbowlabacus.

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