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Other Shapes: Cylinder
Barrel Skewb IIA skewb in shape of a cylinder with slightly skewed axis system.
Barrel Zock 2x2x3A 2x2x3 ghosted and in shape of a cylinder.
Barreled BoltA Floppy Cube with bolts that are screwed in and out of the puzzle during their turn.

Barrelminx IIA megaminx redesigned to have the shape of a cylinder but with the corner pieces on top and bottom.
Big tablet SkewbA Skewb transformed into a cylinder with a flat shape.
Birch Beam CubeA cylinder cube with the texture depicting a segment of a cut up birch.

Birch Beam Cube 2x3x3A 2x3x3 in cylindrical shape with the texture depicting a segment of a cut up birch.
Bizarre BarrelA puzzle inspired by the senior barrel.
Bubbloid BarrelA Bubbloid 122 truncated into the shape of a cylinder.

Bulgarian BarrelA bulgarian based dihedral puzzle puzzle.
Bulgarian cask (limited versions)Special versions of the bulgarian cask made by the original inventor.
Bump CheeseA bumped variant of the Cheese-puzzle. A six segment prism with one layer.

C-10A cylindric prism with 4 pieces on each face. Unlike Square-1 it does not behave bandaged.
C-18A five-layered variant of the C-10 puzzle. This is a cylindric Square-0.5 puzzle. Unlike C-10 it has five layers and does not behave bandaged.
C-urv-YLINDERA Curvy Copter truncated into a cylindrical shape.

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