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Rex Rossano Perez
Professor Greenhills OctahedronA 5x5x5 truncated and extended into the higher order equivalent of Greenhills octahedron.
QuarterminxA bandaged and heavily truncated megaminx. This one has two twistable faces.
Rylox-ish floppyA 3x3x3 bandaged and modified to look like a Rylox prism.

Semi-Bump TetrahedronA handmade Bump Cube transformed in to a rounded tetrahedron.
Siamese Fisher CubeTwo mass produced Fisher Cubes fused into one pair of Siamese Cubes.
Squished Ghost CubeA ghost cube in shape of a rhombic prism which pretends to be of cubic shape.

Ultimate 4x4x4The concept of the Ultimate Cube adpated to a 4x4x4
Varikon 4x16Four transparent mini 4x4-whip-it's fused to create an impressivly long puzzle.

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