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Eight-Sided: Octahedron
24 octahedronThe deepcut edge-turning octahedron. Made as shape transformation from the hexahedral puzzle.
3x3x4 Trajber OctahedronThis puzzle was made from a cube4you 3x3x4.
3x3x5 OctahedronA variation of the 3x3x5 (by that time no mass produced puzzle!) inspired by Trajbers octahedron.

Axis octahedral 2x2x2A 2x2x2 in octahedral shape but not as trivial as the Diamond
Bandaged Gear Octahedron UltimateA Gear Cube in shape of an octahedron bandaged like a Triamese Cube.
CheesectrahedronA 3-layer-cheese in shape of a platonic solid. In this case it is an octahedron.

ComboctahedronA hybrid puzzle. It looks like the face-turning octahedron and the magic octahedron but allows the moves from both puzzles.
Curvy Face Turning OctahedronA variant of the face-turning octahedron with curvy cuts.
Curvy Octahedral MegaminxA megaminx in octahedral shape. It is not a shape transformation but designed from scratch.

Dayan Corner OctahedronModern mass produced variant of the "Magic Octahedron" from the eighties. Sold in differently colored versions.
Dino OctaA face-turning octahedron. Built without CAD before the age of 3D-printing!
DogocA bandaged Dogic extended into the shape of an octahedron.

Door's OctahedronA Masterball in shape of an octahedron.
Edges Only Trajbers OctahedronA Traijbers Octahedron without the tips.
Eitan's Edge-Turning OctahedronThe octahedral equivalent of the Curvy Copter II.

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