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12-Color Icosahedron MegaminxAn icosahedron megaminx redesigned from scratch with a different colour scheme.
Aleh's MinxA variant of the megaminx in the tradition of the Bermudaminx.
Alexander MinxA megaminx with exensions on the corners. These hide the other pieces and give the completed puzzle the shape of an Alexander Star.

AxisminxA megaminx rotated inside its solid by 60°
Ball.B - FlagsThis is the hardest Ball.B to solve, as it requires the proper placement and orientation of every piece. This version features two-tone grey plastic with images of twelve different flags on all ten pieces surrounding each of the twelve centers.
Ball.B - Orange DotsThis version features orange and grey plastic with dots of 12 different colours painted on the five grey "edge" pieces surrounding each of the twelve centers. The orange "corner" pieces have no markings.

Bandaged Megaminx (12 colours)A megaminx bandaged to resemble the pattern of Mefferts bandaged cube.
Bandaged Megaminx (6 colours)A bandaged megaminx with a stickering scheme specifically designed for it.
Barrel PuzzleA member of the Globall family. Somewhere between 5R Ball and Globall Flower.

BarrelminxA megaminx with 10 edges shaved down.
BiconenixA megaminx in shape of a bicone.
BubbleMinxA Megaminx designed from scratch with wavy cuts.

Bump MegamoidA Megamoid that was "bumped".
CirqueminxA megaminx truncated into something barrel-like.
Column MegaminxA megaminx in shape of a cylinder.

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