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Mike Armbrust
48 Cube (magnets)A hybrid puzzle which fuses the axis systems of a Little Chop with a 2x2x2. It is therefore a double-deepcut puzzle.
4x4x4 with a partial twistAn enhanced 4x4x4 with split up edges that allow additional moves.
Fully functional Siamese 2x2x2The first Siamese puzzle that can intermingle pieces between the parts.

Fully functional Siamese 3x3x3Looks like the first handmade modification ever but is a completely new puzzle. A pair of Siamese Cubes which allow to exchange pieces between the halves.
Mike's MixupIcosahedral transformation of the mixup octahedron. Every piece is unique in shape and size.
Mixup OctahedronA deeper cut mixup cube transformed into an octahedron.

Shallow Mixup CubeA mixup cube with shallower cuts than the traditional mixup cube.

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