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Fully functional Siamese 2x2x2
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The first Siamese puzzle that can intermingle pieces between the parts.

This puzzle implements an old dream which some enthusiasts have dreamt since the first (classic or "not-fully-functional") Siamese puzzle was published. This puzzle not only reimplements the Siamese 2x2x2 but also allows 180-turn along an axis through the fused parts. This enables the puzzle to swap pieces between the two parts.

The images 1-3 shown here are from a sample Eric Vergo rebuilt some months after the original puzzle was presented.
In 2013 David Pitcher presented his redesign of this puzzle and made it available through shapeways. See image 4.

In 2019 Oskar van Deventer presented another redesign, he named "Over-functional Siamese". His focus here was to prevent the corner pieces from falling out. His solution is the addition of extra mechanism inside the core of the puzzle. Two elliptical ridges control two pairs of pins that move out and in with the rotation of the top face. When the top and bottom are aligned, then all corners can rotate freely. However, when turning the top face, then the four outer corners are locked in place by the pins. This effectively stops the corners from falling out. The result is shown in image 5-7.



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