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Other N-Sided: Four
BiomorphixA 4x4x4 in tetrahedral shape with three pairs of edges bonded together.
Black Lemon CubeA shape similar to the "Circled Cube" but with the axis system reoriented inside the solid. Stickered with the Playboy Bunny.
Black-and-white Radiation PyramorphixTwo colour master pyramorphix

Blind Man's PyraminxMeffert's 1981 black Blind Man's Pyraminx.
BratwurstminxA heavily bandaged Pyraminx.
Bump Jing's PyraminxA bumped version of the Halper-Maier-Tetrahedron. The center of the axis system was moved away from the solids center without changing the orientation of the axis.

Bump PyraminxThe concept of the Bump Cube (aka Mirror Blocks) adapated to a Pyraminx.
Bump Reuleaux MastermorphixA Bump cube transformed into a reuleaux tetrahedron.
Bump TetrahedronA bump cube transformed into a tetrahedron.

Bump Tetrahedron 2A Bump Cube/Mirror Blocks modded into a tetrahedron.
Bump Tetrahedron 3A Bump Cube/Mirror Blocks modded into a tetrahedron. (Smaller than version 2)
Caution PyramidA custom sticker variant of the Pyraminx depicting several hazard symbols. The symbols are not meant seriously but inside jokes for twistypuzzlers.

Celtic TetrahedronThe first tetrahedron with the axis system of an edge-turning hexahedron.
Centre PyramidA "Corner Cube" transformed into tetrahedral shape.
CheesetrahedronA 3-layer-cheese in shape of a platonic solid. In this case it is a tetrahedron.

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